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My tank has lots of gunk on the bottom, how do I clean it?
That gunk contains Sea-Monkey eggs and algae. You don't need to clean it, but if you wish you can just suck up some of that gunk with your Aqua Leash. Don't forget to top off the tank with more water!

Should I remove the Sea-Monkey shells after they shed them?
It's not necessary, all of the stuff that collects on the bottom of the tank are part of the Sea-Monkey ecosystem.

I have a film of blue-green algae in my tank, should I clean it?
This is algae and normally occurs if you keep your tank near a bright light source. It's very beneficial to your Sea-Monkeys, like a jumbo salad for them. But you can use the Aqua Leash to clean the tank if you wish.

Should I change the water periodically?
No. Add clean, fresh water to recommended levels as it evaporates.
There is no need to change the water.


I accidentally poured the whole Growth Food packet into the tank, what do I do?
  • Move quickly! As long as your Sea-Monkeys are alive you still have hope.
  • Find a clean jar to transfer your Sea-Monkeys into.
  • Using your Aqua Leash extract water from the center of the tank (since the surface of the water will have food floating on it) and transfer to the new jar.
  • Using your Aqua Leash, transport as many of your Sea-Monkeys as possible.
  • Place a clean white paper towel, or paper coffee filter over another clean jar.
  • Pour the remaining water from your Sea-Monkey tank through the filter. This will filter your water, but will unfortunately filter out any extra Sea-Monkey eggs you may have had.
  • Rinse your Sea-Monkey tank with clear water.
  • Pour your filtered water back into your Sea-Monkey tank
  • Pour your live Sea-Monkeys back into the Sea-Monkey tank.
  • Cross your fingers!

I accidentally ate the contents of one of the packets, should I seek medical attention?
No, but what were you thinking? While not very tasty to humans, all of the packets (Water Purifier, Instant Life, Growth Food, etc.) are completely non-toxic. The only exception would be if you had some sort of allergic reaction.

My Sea-Monkeys are dying! What do I do?
The Sea-Monkeys life cycle varies, and so will see the number of pets in your tank. However, it is possible that there could be a real problem.
  1. Have you fed them once a week with the small end of the feeding spoon?
  2. Is the water cloudy? It's possible you've overfed them. Wait until the water clears and try again.
  3. Is the water too warm? The temperature should be around 72* F.
  4. Are they getting enough oxygen? Be sure to aerate several times a week