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Cool FAQ's

Are there any benefits to owning Sea-Monkeys?
Similar to owning fish (or a lava lamp) owning Sea-Monkeys is said to have a calming effect. Picture a tank on your desk at work and your Sea-Monkeys frolicking about inside. They are quiet, and easy to care for needing only to be fed once a week and you rarely need to clean up after them!

What are some cool Sea-Monkey facts?
They breathe through their feet and adults have 3 eyes!

General FAQ's

I lost the instructions, how do I get started?
  1. Add Water Purifier to your tank filled with distilled or filtered water.
  2. Stir for 60 seconds.
  3. Wait 24 hours then add Instant Life. Stir for 60 seconds.
  4. After 5 days then add 1 small scoop of Growth Food from small end of the feeding spoon.
  5. Continue to feed once a week with the small end of your feeding spoon.

Why must I wait 24 hrs before adding the Instant Life?
So the Water Purifier can completely clean the water of any bacteria or harmful impurities.

It's been a week and I still don't see any Sea-Monkeys, do I start over?
Sometimes Sea-Monkeys take their own sweet time to hatch. Occasionally it takes up to 72 hours. They are only about the size of a pinhead so you have to look very close!

What is the gunk on the bottom of my tank? Are those dead Sea-Monkeys?
A natural part of their ecosystem, this "gunk" is actually decaying Sea-Monkey moltings, waste and eventually dead Sea-Monkeys. Sea-Monkey's molt up to 7 times during their lifetime. What you saw was probably just dark-colored shells. Dead Sea-Monkeys look like normal Sea-Monkeys, only they don't move around as much.

What is that black streak running down my Sea-Monkeys body?
Although they look like racing stripes, it's actually just food in their digestive system.

Are Sea-Monkeys harmful to other animals native to my community?
Not at all! If anything, the other animals may be harmful to your Sea-Monkeys. Watch out for stray fish!

Do I have to use a special Sea-Monkey tank?
No, even a clean 12 ounce jar can be their home. We offer a selection of Sea-Monkey tanks with lights, glow-in-the-dark features and built-in aerators and magnifying portals to add to your Sea-Monkeys experience!

Why don't my Sea-Monkeys look like the ones depicted on the packaging?
The illustrations are meant to communicate the fun of the Sea-Monkey environment and are not the actual size or shape found in nature.

What is the thread-like tail coming out of my Sea-Monkey? Um well. It's Sea-Monkey excrement.

The number of Sea-Monkeys in my tank varies from 2 to 30! What's up?br> Overfeeding and not aerating your tank enough are the most common reasons for your many babies not reaching adulthood. If your water is cloudy, you are feeding too much. Try aerating your tank every day for about 2 weeks, you should then see a great number of Sea-Monkeys reach adulthood!

Can I put Sea-Monkeys in with my fish?
Only if you want them to become fish food!

My Sea-Monkeys are different colors, why?
Because Sea-Monkeys are "color changing"! Their colors range from white to dark red.

My Sea-Monkeys are attached, but not moving. What's going on?
If you notice that they both have "whiskers" under their chins, then you're watching two males fighting.

Why are my Sea-Monkeys fighting?
Like other animals, (including humans) there are several reasons Sea-Monkeys may fight to establish dominance over resources for females!

Should I separate the Sea-Monkeys when they are fighting!
No, you should never get in the middle of any animal fight! Let them work out their differences on their own!!

Do the males fight?
Yes, typically the males are the fighting culprits!

Do the females fight?
No. They are usually quite well-behaved.