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Sea Monkey - Friendship Locket
Just add water and create life !

"What time Wear your Sea Monkeys around your neck like the cherished friends that they are! Grow your Sea Monkeys in this "totally pink" Sea Monkeys tank and them take them along on your adventures in the beautifully designed Friendship Locket. The aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid and molded seascape bottom plus has built-in magnifiers for close-up viewing.

Aqua-Leash is included for hassle-free transfer of the Sea Monkeys to the portable locket aquarium.

The unique locket is a water-filled bubble that holds two Sea Monkeys for up to 12 hours. The locket also comes with three interchangeable background images or you can use your own favorite photo!

Complete with
  1. Water Purifier
  2. Instant Live Eggs
  3. Growth Food
  4. calibrated feeding spoon
  5. directions