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Sea Monkey - Magic Castle
Just add water and create life !

The Sea-Monkeys Magic Castle is a habitat where you can watch your Sea-Monkeys grow, dart and dance! Reef romance is a natural outgrowth of Sea-Monkeys meeting in this enchanted place. The lid of this water-world style aquarium is a magnifier allowing close-up views of the amazing creatures as they glide through the castle, play among the turrets, and dive to the fortifications and reef below! Comes with everything you need to hatch and raise Sea-Monkeys. A most noble home for your kings and queens of the sea!

Complete with
  1. Enchanting Magic Castle Tank
  2. Magnifying Aero-Vent Lid
  3. Water Purifier
  4. Instant Live Eggs
  5. Sea-Monkeys Growth Food
  6. Super-Conditioning Plasma III Formula
  7. Calibrated Growth Food Measuring Spoon
  8. Aqua-Leash