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Sea Monkey - Magiquarium
Just add water and create life !

When the lights go off, the fun stays on, without bulbs, batteries or electricity! Sea-Monkeys love the night life and their unique positively phototaxic bodies, actually cause them to glow like fireflies! Just expose the MagiQuarium to any light source for a quick charge and the habitat will glow in the dark for hours! Until now, non-toxic phosphorescent substances could only glow for a few minutes before fading away. But with one exposure to a light source, the amazing new MagiQuarium lights up your frolicking Sea Monkeys like fireflies for hours! This unique hatching and growing kit comes complete with water purifier, instant live sea monkey eggs, growth food, feeding spoon, new aero-vent tank cover, detachable tank base, illustrated instructions, two year growth guarantee and Sea Monkey life insurance policy!