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Sea Monkey - Instant Life Eggs (Packet #2)
Packet No. 2-

Instant Life contains the mysterious ingredients that (when combined with Packet 1, Water Purifier) hatches Instant LIVE baby Sea-Monkeys.

Now you are ready to witness a true miracle of life. The Magical Moment when you empty Packet No. 2 into your tank and watch in amazement as your Sea-Monkeys hatch right before your eyes.

  1. Empty the entire content of Packet No. 2 into the purified water.
  2. Stir gently (as not to damage the hatching eggs), for about one minute using the Aqua-Leash or a plastic spoon. Place a strong light behind the container, or lift the container to light source such as a sunny window or a table lamp. Now, while the water is still swirling from your stirring, observe it closely and you will see tiny white "dots" that are struggling to swim against the direction of the current. These "dots" are your newly hatched live baby Sea-Monkeys! If you did not see it actually happen, could you ever have believed such a wonderful thing was possible? Without a doubt, here is a true case of "science fiction" becoming "science fact"! Newly hatched Sea-Monkeys are no larger than the "period" at the end of this sentence. As they mature they will not only change their shape and appearance, they will grow incredibly larger than their size at the moment of birth. By comparison, if human babies grew so many times larger, you might be 200 feet tall. Because they double in size in only one day, they will be easier to find the next day. Because all of the Sea-Monkeys do not hatch at the same time, you will see even more of them the second day. Within three days, all of the Sea-Monkey eggs that are going to hatch will have hatched.