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When the water level gets low, should I add more Water Purifier?
No, just fill to the correct level with distilled or purified water. The Water Purifier is designed as a one-time formula

Can I use tap water?
Nope. Distilled or filtered water is best.

Why do I have to add Water Purifier before adding the Instant Life eggs?
The Water Purifier is a Top Secret combination of buffers and special ingredients that help Sea-Monkeys hatch and thrive. The actual composition is and known only by Mr. Von Braunhut (the creator) and a few others.

Do I ever need to add salt to their water?
No, everything they need is in their Instant Life packet.

Why is the water cloudy?
You're probably feeding your Sea-Monkeys too much. Temporarily discontinue feeding until the water begins to clear. Don't worry, there's plenty of food and algae for your Sea-Monkeys to thrive on!

Do Sea-Monkeys like the sun? Should I put them in sunlight to stay warm?
Sea-Monkeys are photo-reactive (meaning that they will react to sunlight), and they love the sun. Indirect sunlight is okay but keep them out of direct sunlight, so that their tank doesn't get too hot!

What temperature should the water be?
Room temperatures around 72 F (22 c) should be fine.

Can I color my Sea-Monkeys by adding food coloring to the water?
Uh, no. Adding anything to your tank not specifically designed by Transcience Corp for Sea-Monkeys will probably kill them.

Should I change the water periodically?

What ARE Sea-Monkeys?

What are they?
Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid species of brine shrimp called "Artemia NYOS". "Artemia" is the genus they belong to, which includes Fairy and Brine shrimp. NYOS is the acronym for the New York Ocean Science Laboratories where they were created.

A person in a pet store insisted that Sea-Monkeys are just brine shrimp?
The person in the pet store should visit this website.

How are Sea-Monkeys different from brine shrimp?
There are several differences. Sea-Monkeys grow much larger (up to .5" long) and live longer than ordinary brine shrimp. They are also a lot more active and can be taught to perform "tricks", unlike ordinary brine shrimp.

Can you find Sea-Monkeys in the sea? Don't brine shrimp live in the ocean?
No, you will only find them in your Instant Life packet and Sea-Monkey tank! Brine shrimp live in salt lakes and salt flats, but your Sea-Monkeys are not brine shrimp. They belong to the same genus, "Artemia", but are completely different animals.

How big can they get?
They can grow between 1/2" and 3/4" long!

How long will my Instant Life packet last before I use it?
How long has never been established, although Sea-Monkey eggs have hatched after a decade! Sea-Monkeys exist in suspended animation through a process called "cryptobiosis". Once the eggs are poured into treated water, they "magically" come to life!!

Why are they called Sea-Monkeys?
Because of their playful demeanor and the facts that they have tails!

Are Sea-Monkeys a type of plankton?
Plankton are single cell animals, Sea-Monkeys are multi-cell animals.

All my Sea-Monkeys have died! How can I bring them back to life?
There are still many unhatched Sea-Monkey eggs on the bottom of your tank.
Try this first:
  1. Aerate your tank for about 1 1/2 weeks
  2. Look closely as you should see new baby Sea-Monkeys appear.

I aerated my tank for over a week and new Sea-Monkeys did not hatch, what do I do now?
Allow all of the water in your tank to evaporate (this may take several weeks).
Add fresh bottled or distilled water and 1 package of Water Purifier Stir Wait a few days and you should see new Sea-Monkey babies!