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Sea Monkey - Wrist Aquarium G&S
Just add water and create life !

"What time does that cool watch of yours say?" asks your friend as he gazes at your Wrist-Aquarium. "Oh!," you respond, "it is two Sea-Monkeys past high tide!" That is right! The stylishly cool Wrist Aquarium looks like a wristwatch but it is one of our three "Grow Em & Show Em" Sea-Monkey mobile sets. See the clear illustrations and instructions on the back of the blister card. Voila! You are now ready to parade about town, school, local mall, and pet show with your Sea-Monkey pets on your wrist! No leash or collars needed. The complete set includes ;
  1. the Zoo Quarium 10 oz. tank
  2. Aero-Vent lid
  3. pouches #1 Water Purifier
  4. #2 Live Eggs
  5. #3 Growth Food
  6. The Wrist Aquarium
  7. Calibrated Feeding Spoon
  8. Aqua-Leash
  9. Perfect Procedures for Perfect Pets booklet.